Fun facts.

1. There are ants everywhere- in my clothes, in the sink and in my bed after it’s been cleaned. They are small and red and ubiquitous. They don’t jump like their spider counterparts. Moses tells me that someone once ate peanuts and that is why they come. I have asked for some ant poison and assured him I have no peanuts. 

2. There are mosquitoes everywhere-despite sleeping under two, yes two mosquito nets and short of drinking the bloody 50% deet I am still being ravaged. Matthias, my new friend from Berne, tells me I am lucky as in Switzerland 50% deet is illegal. 

3. Money is what matters here. As any developing nation I have visited there is a constant drive to a western notion of ideal. 

4. Religious harmony. Blaring prayers from the masjid next to the woman playing hymns on a beat-up stereo on the street corner. A girl in a burka even cheekily winked at Matthias. 

5. There are many dishes to be made from bananas. 


Ok so after much procrastination- I am almost ready to go. 

The packing/ insurance/ flights/ vaccinations were all dealt with last minute which is very unlike me..

I have a classic case of analysis paralysis which prevents rational decision making- IT IS A THING, I AM NOT LAZY.

In the words of the magnetic, messianic, charismatic Winnie the Pooh:

“How lucky I am to have *things that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

A good predictor of my imminent return.